Parkhurst Associates
Mental Health Services
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Who We Can Help

Clients Served

We have experience and interest in working with a broad range of clients, particularly those with presenting issues such as these: 

  • Developmental, Educational and Learning Disabilities
  • Identity Development
  • Cross-cultural Psychology
  • Gay and Lesbian Issues
  • Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology
  • D/deaf and hard-of-hearing
  • Relationship Concerns
  • Family Systems
  • Latino/a Immigrant and Acculturation Issues
  • Interpersonal Dynamics
  • Transgender, Gender Expression, Gender Identity
  • Questioning
  • Men Comming Out as Gay After Straight Marriage
  • Adoption and Parenting Issues
  • Depression Anxiety
  • Sexual Abuse and Assault
  • Substance Abuse/Dependent
  • Individual and Group Psychotherapy
  • Psycho-educational Presentations
  • Consultation
  • Single-parent Issues
  • Intellectual, Personality and Vocational Assessment
  • "Maybe-Baby" Discussion Group for those Considering Parenting Alternatives


Staying Clean & Sober


Self Employment Anxieties

Couples / Relationship Counseling