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Assessment Services

Customized assessment and reporting services for any psychological assessment need, from full-battery to updating previous testing, adolescent thru adult.

Psychological Evaluation and Reports for:


Intimacy / Relationship
Forming a counseling group experience around intimacy and relationship issues.  Perfect for those who can't seem to make a relationship work, or have never had a really fulfilling relationship and desire one.

Gay Men's Intimacy and Relationships Group
A group for gay men interested in developing and/or maintaining relationships. Also great for men struggling with a
positive self-evaluation as a gay man.

Smoking Cessation Group
10-week group therapy using proven cognitive-behavioral techniques. Medication management by attending
psychiatrist. Gradual step-by-step stopping with group and professional support. Strategies for staying quit
May be insurance reimbursable, and then pays for itself with the savings from not smoking!

Gay Men Coming out of Marriage
A support group for men in heterosexual relationships exploring their sexual identity.

* not all groups are actively meeting. Please contact us for more information about our group

Psychiatric and Medication Consultation

We do not have a psychiatrist working in our offices at present, but we can assist in finding a convenient referral.


English, Spanish


We also have a tremendous repertoire of material for psycho-educational
presentations available to meet your programming and consultation needs.