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Lance Morgan, Psy. D.

This is Dr. Lance Morgan. I’m a licensed psychologist in Washington, DC, practicing with Parkhurst Associates in the Dupont Circle area. Having been a Washingtonian for sixteen years, I’ve long been steeped in the political world. I understand that many people working on the Hill, in government, and in the business world are sometimes reluctant to seek counseling because they fear into what hands their records might fall. Parkhurst Associates, the practice through which I work, has chosen not to be on insurance panels, so we don’t have to submit information on each client’s private sessions to any company for payment and/or review. This does not mean that you can’t bill your insurance for reimbursement for sessions with me if you choose, just that you would submit the bills yourself and use an out-of-network provider benefit if your plan has this feature.

I have extensive experience with depression and anxiety, including those issues as they relate to and are exacerbated by matters at work. Problems with relationships, grief over the loss of loved ones or pets, coming out and aging issues for gay and lesbian clients, adjusting to midlife and to getting older, use of drugs and alcohol as a means of coping, and self-critical thinking that keeps people from being happy and from realizing their goals are other areas I’ve treated in therapy. I’ve also worked with many clients with complicated medical problems and have personal experience with life threatening illness.

I earned my Doctorate in Psychology from The George Washington University in Washington, DC, my Master’s in Education with a focus on Counseling from Southwest Texas State University, and Bachelor’s degrees in English and Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin. My recent work experience is at Whitman-Walker Clinic where I have been the Director of a Day Treatment Program for people living with HIV and mental illness for four years. Prior to that, I worked for the Clinic for two years as a Psychotherapist. My other employment experiences include: inpatient drug treatment and crisis line counseling.