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Marie Lovenheim, Nutritionist

Washington, D.C. Location

As a Cornell-trained nutritionist I provide an individualized, integrative approach. My philosophy is founded on the principle that being healthy does not require dieting, calorie counting, or rigid meal plans. I can help you create a healthy relationship with food and develop the skills to make mindful decisions.

With extensive knowledge in nutrition science, food technology, and specialized training in food as medicine, I’m eager to help you achieve your desired level of health. I’m often amazed by how much our food choices can make a difference--from improved mood and energy to controlling your weight, managing an autoimmune disorder to correcting digestive disturbances.

Issues addressed include

Whether you choose individual nutrition counseling or to join in one of my small group sessions, my dedication to educating my clients is why I also offer improved grocery lists and supermarket tours, kitchen makeovers, menu analysis, and lunch-and-learn meetings. Personalized nutrition phone consultations are also an option. Your wellness is my priority!

Professional Affiliations & Education

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics; Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine. Received training for Food As Medicine, a professional program sponsored by the Center for Mind Body Medicine. Graduate of Cornell University in Nutritional Sciences. Degree in Food Technology. Along with counseling, I've taught nutrition at the college level for 15 years, created a health club café and juice bar, and served as spokesperson on nutrition to various organizations.

Phone: 202-643-9207