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Nathan J. Edmundson, Psy.D.

Alexandria, Virginia (Del Ray) Location

As a clinical psychologist and professional success coach, I enjoy helping people progress through their emotional, mental, and behavioral limitations in life. I do this by utilizing psychotherapy, behavioral and developmental treatment, success coaching, and psychological assessment/testing to assist people in reaching their goals. Most of my clinical experience has been in treating anxiety, depression, childhood developmental/behavioral disorders (e.g., autism, ADHD), and marital/family conflict. For psychotherapy, I see individuals, couples, families, and groups. Regarding psychological assessment/testing, I evaluate for intellectual disabilities, learning disorders, memory problems, and emotional/behavioral diagnoses.

The ages of my clients range from 2-years-old to the elderly and my therapeutic approach varies by client and presenting concern(s). When providing therapy to children, I tend to apply a combination of developmental, emotion-focused, and behavioral approaches with strong involvement from caregivers. If the child is struggling in school or in life-skill development, I might suggest psychological assessment in addition to therapy. For adolescents and adults, I tend to apply a combination of emotion-focused, solution-focused, and cognitive-behavioral therapy, and for couples and families, I tend to apply a combination of solution-focused and interpersonal psychotherapy. When providing group therapy, I prefer an educational format and often incorporate cognitive-behavioral principles.

In addition to psychotherapy and psychological assessment/testing, I also provide success coaching (SC). SC is often most appropriate when mental health concerns are minimal. The focus of SC is to help clients identify their purpose and make measurable progress toward a life consistent with their values and passions. Sessions are often focused on helping the client achieve objective goals. Based on the needs and functioning of the client, I might alternate between psychotherapy and success coaching.

I received my doctorate from Azusa Pacific University in California and my professional success coach certification from The Success Coach Institute. I’m currently in the process of completing a post-doctorate certification program in neuropsychology with Fielding Graduate University. I have been licensed as a clinical psychologist in Colorado, California, and Virginia.